Hi, My name is Brenda Levasseur and I would like to tell you a little about how I got into making my handmade soap. Everything is a process and making homemade soap just seemed like a natural thing to do for myself. When I first gave my soap as Christmas presents everyone loved them. I just wanted everyone to try it and thought that would be a good way of sharing what I had found to be a worthwhile product.

My story starts with a mammogram in 2002, there was a calcification and I had to get a biopsy, luckily, it turned out to be nothing. Then 3 years later I had another mammogram. Unfortunately, this time they found something suspicious and I had another biopsy which revealed that I had cancer. After the biopsies I realized I did not want to undergo any more surgeries, so I found a gentleman who has studied in alternative medicine named Dennis Hardy ND in North Attleboro, Ma. And in 2006 with his help and guidance, I changed my diet and followed his recommendations on what herbs and Chinese medicines might benefit me. He also introduced me to a product called Juice Plus, which is a capsule of 17 fruits and vegetables organically grown and dried and put in a pill…great stuff, it works on the cellular level from the inside out. I became more aware of what I put into my body and started eating whole foods, like lots of salads and raw veggie’s, I had stop eating anything made with white flour, white sugar, white rice, white milk, white potatoes..they are all mucus forming. I learned there are alternatives to everything and your body can heal itself if given the right food. So I cut red meat and pork from my diet too. I ate nothing that was processed, or that contained preservatives or additives. You might think this sounds terrible, but let me tell you after the first few days of veggies I had so much energy!!! When I ate something that was not allowed or not nutritious, ohhh my body definitely didn’t want it. Eight months later my mammogram came back normal. That was 5 years ago now, boy where does the time go. It changed my life. I get comments all the time about how great my skin looks..people don’t think that I am 60 years old…now if I could get my hair brown again without chemicals that would be great!

After having changed what I put into my body, it made sense to me that I should pay more attention to what I put ON my body. I started buying handmade soap and shampoo from every health food store I went into. I liked them, they were great. One day I went to my appointment with Mr. Hardy and he told me there was a demonstration of soap making at their health food store so I went. The instructor was great and I signed up for her handmade soap class and that was all it took, I enjoyed it. I made my first coffee soap and my husband took it to work with him, we have a tire business and he has to wash his hands all the time and every winter they would crack and bleed. Well, that year was the first time they didn’t dry out.. He raves about the soap all the time. And he was the first to use my shaving soap saying it is the best shaving soap he has ever used, it has so much lather and the 100% natural bentonite clay makes the razor just glide over the face. It makes his face so soft too. I have learned to make various soaps offering nothing but natural ingredients and all made here in the USA.

We can all change our thinking to be toward a more natural way of being. One step at a time we can make strides to providing our bodies with more nourishment and less chemicals. Why not start by treating your skin to natural moisturizing cleansing?

Thanks to all the people who enjoy and believe in our products and keep inspiring me to make more!

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